Akroma: An angel incarnation, created by Ixidor, bitter rivals with Phage.

Braids: Prize Dementia Caster in the Cabal Grand Coliseum, Braids killed Seton and created Phage.

Kamahl: This barbarian, after injuring his sister Jeska became a devout druid, and replaced his dead friend Seton as the Krosan Protector.

Krosan Forest: The forest in the Northwest of Otaria. Now home to the Mirari.

Ixidor: The mage lead character in Onslaught.

Magic: The Gathering: Collectable cardgame created by Richard Garfield in 1991 and released by Wizards of the Coast in 1993.

Mirari: The magical orb that causes it's user to lose control, their wishes and greatest desires appearing within the orb.

Mirrodin: The upcoming block in Magic: The Gathering. Scheduled for release on October 6th.

Nivea: Ixidor's lover, killed by Phage.

Onslaught: This is the 27th Magic: The Gathering expansion. It was released In October of 2002.

Phage: Created by Braids the Dementia Caster through the injured Jeska, Phage is programmed to do one thing; destroy, which is very easy, considering her touch is destructive.

Seton: The former centuar protector of Krosa. Killed by Braids.