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Morph then Meets the Eye

Humble Beginnings

The Onslaught storyline continues on the island of Otaria. After Kamahl(Picture) plunged his sword deep within the ground in the middle of the Krosan Forest and placed the Mirari atop it, he returned to his friend Seton to find him murdered, and to find that his sister, Jeska, was taken by the dementia caster Braids and changed into the horrible being known only as Phage.

On the other side of the story, and basically, THE story of Onslaught, The mage Ixidor(Picture) and pit fighter Nivea are in the Cabal Pit fights. Nivea, Ixidor's lover, was doing well, but then, when she was pitted against Phage, and died a horrible death. Unable to pay his way, Ixidor was shunned to the desert to die. There, he discovered in his grief over Nivea that he could create creatures of sand, that channel the powers of mighty beasts, unleashing them at his command. He created Akroma, an angel with Nivea's likeness, who is completely loyal to Ixidor. Akroma, seeing Ixidor's hatred of Phage, took it upon herself to lead a war against Phage.

Magic: the Gathering was created in 1991 by Richard Garfield. His friends and family considered it a very fun game to play, and so, they convinced him in 1993 to bring his game to a budding company, Wizards of the Coast. Since then, the game has grown exponentially. The first expansion; Arabian Nights was a turning point for magic, and in Richard's life. Since then, tournaments have grown out of the dirt. Formats upon formats have been developed and designed by the millions of dedicated players, and Magic has become the backbone for all collectable card-games to come.

The reason for Magic's ongoing success is the fact it remains fresh. Every couple months a new expansion comes out. In fact, in the 10 years it has been in circulation, 28 expansions have been made, from Arabian Nights to Legions. The next expansion, Scourge, will be the finale to the Onslaught block, and the end of the tale of Otaria. The set afterwards, with the new 8th edition back, will be Mirrodin, The 30th expansion, and the beginning of a new block, set, and era in Magic: The Gathering.


No matter what the story-line behind a set, or behind the game itself, what Magic: The Gathering is all about are the cards. The Onslaught block centers around tribes of creatures, and effects that deal with creature types. There are spells that give all creatures of specific types abilities and bonus', and effects that require the use of specific creature types. It also works well with cards like Coat of Arms, which also uses creature type. Lots of Onslaught combos revolve around using these creature types, such as Astral Slide/Aether Charge and Rotlung Reanimator/Nantuko Husk.

The Tribes of Onslaught

The tribes of Onslaught are many and varied, in this section, I will try to explain the difference between the Tribes. They range from tiny goblins to gigantic beasts, and I will try and set them apart here.

Tribes of Onslaught
Tribe Colors Strength Weaknesses Tribal Land
Birds All (Mainly Blue/White) Flying Lack of Color Concentration/Tribal Unity Seaside Haven
Beasts All but White (Mainly Green/Red) Massive Power/Toughness Slow mana Costs Contested Cliffs
Clerics Black/White Lots of Lifegain and Graveyard Bouncing Low Power/Toughness Starlit Sanctum
Elves Green Interesting Tap Effects, Mana Production, Tribal Unity Lack of Strong Creatures Wirewood Lodge
Goblins Mostly Red Masses of Creatures Weak Power/Toughness, Self-destructive Attitude Goblin Burrows
Soldiers Mostly White None (Pretty Normal Power/Toughness to Mana Cost) None Daru Encampment
Wizards Mostly Blue Abilities that abuse Rule Systems and cause loopholes Lack of Stand-alone creatures, Confusing and Annoying Abilities Riptide Laboratory
Zombies Black Masses of Extremely Underpriced/Overpowered Creatures and effects. Effects that could lead to your own demise. Unholy Grotto


MagEdit is a program designed to create Magic Cards. I use it whenever I am too bored and have a creative spark. Here is an example of what you can create with this program:

Moogle Gardener

My Deck, the "Green Splash Symbiotic Tribal Explosion Deck"

My Deck revolves around the Symbiotic Line of creatures to pump out masses of 1/1 creatures that are subsequently buffed into extreme powers by Coat of Arms.

4 Symbiotic Wurm - Symbiotic Wurm is the backbone of this deck. It is used to create alot of similar creatures very quickly.

4 Nantuko Husk - Nantuko Husk provides a quick means of sacrificing the Symbiotic Wurms for free. Also mixed with a single Wurm, it can quickly become a 18/18 creature.

4 Gigapede - Gigapede Delivers a large Insect that can be easily returned to play.

4 Coat of Arms - Another backbone to this deck, Coat of Arms creates the needed power behind the masses of insects.

4 Malevolent Awakening - Malevolent Awakening is used to return Wurms to your hand, and thus back into play, where they can pop for even more insect tokens.

4 Explosive Vegetation - Symbiotic Wurm requires alot of mana to use, this mana is provided by Explosive Vegetation.

4 Tribal Unity - Tribal Unity Provides extra umpf when it comes to powerhousing your insects.

4 Ostracize - Ostracize provides both some pre-emptive creature control, and something to cast on first turn.

4 Dark Banishing - Dark Banishing provides last minute creature control.

4 Tainted Wood - Tainted wood provides extra Green and Black Mana production.

2 Innocent Blood - Innocent Blood's bonus is 2-fold. It gives you quick card advantage using Symbiotic Wurm, and causes further creature control.

2 Howling Mine - Extra cards means you will get your backbone cards more quickly.

15 Forest - Basic Mana, 15 seems workable.

5 Swamp - Baic Mana, With the Tainted Wood, 5 seems workable considering the general thinness of black cards in the deck.

Basically, with this deck, you get Explosive Vegetation out alot, increasing your mana pool. Then you pull a Nantuko Husk and a Symbiotic Wurm. Pop the Wurm to the Husk to put masses of Insects into play, then use Coat of Arms to buff up the insects, and then attack!!!! Enjoy your victory!

(Note, if you are unable to get the Explosive Vegetations out in time, this deck will fail. Use Innocent Blood, Ostracize and Dark Banishing to keep the coast clear until you can manage to pull off the Symbiotic Wurm combo.)

When you have the mana, you can use Malevolent Awakening to return popped Symbiotic Wurms to your hand, sometimes by popping another Symbiotic Wurms.

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